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Revertol Horses
Revertol Horses
Revertol Horses

Revertol Horses

Figuerola Laboratories
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All-natural support for endocrine health. 

Revertol™ is an all-natural supplement for horses that helps support endocrine health. Formulated with herbs, botanicals, medicinal mushrooms, sea vegetables, vitamins and minerals to help support normal immune function and with powerful antioxidants like superoxide dismutase, turmeric and Vitis vinifera to support cellular recovery. Vitex Agnus Castus (Chaste Berry) helps support endocrine function, while the essential amino acids included help maintain lean muscle. Algal-derived omega 3 fatty acids support a healthy hair coat.

– Helps support endocrine health
– Helps support normal immune function and cellular recovery
– Essential amino acids and omega fatty acids support a healthy coat
– No added fillers, sugars, or artificial preservatives
– Made in the USA

For use in horses and animals only.

Administer 1 scoop twice daily.

Servings Per Container
Size - Scoops
2.5 lb - 60
5 lb - 180
10 lb - 360

Cortidopatrophin™ Proprietary Formula: Suppresol™ (D-Glucaric acid, Indole-3-Carbinol), L-Carnosine, Phosphatidylserine, Angi casti fructus (Vitex agnus-castus), Alpha-calacorene, Bis-glycinato oxovanadium (BGOV), Alpha-copaene, Brevifolin, Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), Punica granatum, Carboxylic acids, Withania somnifera, Commiphora mukul, Corilagin, Cymene, Ellagic acid, Ellagitannins, Gallocatechins, Glycyrrhiza glabra extract, Geraniin, Hypophyllanthin, alpha-Pinene, alpha-Thujone, beta-Caryophyllene, beta-Elemene, beta-Pinene, Betaine, Bincatriol, Borneol, Calamenene, Quercetol, Quercetin, Rutin, Camphene, catechins, Cedrucine, Crolechinic acid, Cuparophenol, Gymnemic acid, D-Limonene, Daucosterol, Dihydrobenzofuran, Pterocarpus marsupium extract, Purpurex™ (Purple Corn Extract), Eugenol, Dimethyl cedrusine, Dipentene, Euparophenol, Gallocatechol, gamma-Terpinene, gamma-Terpineol, Hardwickiic acid, Isoboldine, Korberin A, Korberin B, Lignin, Linalool, Magnoflorine, Methylthymol, Myrcene, Norisoboldine, P-Cymene, Tannin, Taspine, Proanthocyanidins, Vanillin, Saponin, Triacontanol, Terpinen-4-ol, Evodiamine extract, Inhibitol® (50% Salicin Complex (Purpura salix, Fillipendula ulmaria and Gaultheria procumbens), 65% Boswellic Acid Extract (Rhizome), 95% Curcuminoids Extract (from Turmeric Extract), 40% Gingerols Extract, 45% Poliphenols (Camelia sinensis), 6% Berberine (Barberry and Chinese goldthread), Alkaloid Complex Extract (Uncaria Tomentosa), Origanum vulgare extract, 2% Ursalic acid (Ocimun basilicum), 95% Procyanidins (Vitis vinifera), 23% Phenolics (Rosmarinus ocinalis), Gamma-Tocopherol (Elais gueneensis), Gamma-Tocotrienol (Elaeis gueneensis), Superoxide Dismutase), Salisorosides, Glycyrrhizic acid, L-Ornithine-Alpha-Ketoglutarate, L-Arginine-Alpha-Ketoglutarate, L-Theanine, Alpha-lipoic acid, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Phyllanthus niruri extract, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, L-DOPA, Corosolic Acid, L-Tyrosine, Lepidium meyenii, Iodine Forte™ (Kelp extract, Fucoidan, Bladderwrack, Seaweed extract and Red marine algae extract), Spirulina, Vaccinium macrocarpa extract, Trigonella foenumgraecum extract, Omega-Fortis™ (Omega-3 fatty acid, Omega-6 fatty acid and Omega-9 fatty acid), Magnesium oxide 4g, Magnesium chelate 2g, Boron 20mg, Biotin 3mg, Riboflavin 0.4g, Niacinamide 0.5g, Adenine 50mg, Pantothenic Acid 6mg, Pyridoxine 1g, Folic Acid 8mg, Methylcobalamin 50mg, Chromium Polynicotinate 2mg.